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Naturally Plus is a Popular Business in Asia

Naturally Plus the company has been a pioneer in community economic system implemented by the management company which at the time of its establishment at the time was experiencing a global monetary crisis of 1997 which could shake the banking sector and economy of the State thugs ravage Asia and other countries.

And we feel it’s impact on the State of Indonesia as well as all the staples are very rare and expensive since many companies out of business leaving debts and go bankrupt because of the storm crisis is resulting in bad credit.

Naturally Plus offices in Indonesia
But the difference with the company since its establishment peruasahaan Naturally Plus has donated a state income tax is very extraordinary that the Japanese state, especially the Japanese empire at the time declared that the company was the god of Naturally Plus Helper for the State, both economically and in terms of health and welfare of the people of Japan at that time.

Naturally Plus is a Japanese company that has been shown to have the fastest growth in Japan’s history of the State Economic and fastest in the world of MLM business banks in Japan and Asian countries at that time. And In 2005, Naturally Plus was selected as the “10 Biggest and Best in Japan”, ie as the company’s HOTTEST and Listings where the company has delivered many hundreds of thousands of millionaire and billionaire in the 21st century which company-level position or equivalent plus Naturally enterprise Toyota and Sony Corporation with ONLY ONE (1) SUPERLUTEIN product sales alone.

Naturally Plus and also occupies the 4th position than 100,000 successful company without a penny of debt to finance the Triple A (3A), which is equivalent to the Toyota company with the concept of honest management and stable financial stability and transaparan is one fact that shows bonafides of a company that will grow continuously in accordance with company Marketplan Naturally Plus for the next 100 years the development of the company both for the health and welfare of its members who joined this company that is booming.

And Now Naturally Plus has been established officially launched on 16 June 2011 and comes amid family and people of Indonesia called PT. Naturally Plus Indonesia -based luxury digedung center of town WISMA BNI46 the rent is very expensive for the size of the MLM business, but companies Naturally Plus able to open branch offices throughout the country and the strategic place of luxury in the world after Indonesia.

That is proof the company bonafides Naturally Plus has advantages and benefits of products and marketing company virulence system able to finance its branch office in place a strategic place, luxurious and expensive as well as in each State to pay its employees on time despite never exposed to earthquake and tsunami storm some time ago, this company continues to consistent pay bonuses to members throughout the country in an orderly and smoothly as usual. And until now the company is able to survive nearly 12 years since its establishment in Japan to spread to foreign countries,

And Indonesia is the country to 7 (seven) as the State because of its market share play area with a population of more 240juta and it is a potential market for Pera businessman. After Indonesia, Naturally Plus will expand to 120 other countries and that means the chances of members of Indonesia, especially the NP642 is very fortunate because the team NP642 are the best team of all teams who joined in peruashaan Naturally Plus there because most new billionaire billionaire birth of all members who incorporated quickly because some of the highlights of Education and Training terpogram bleak, marketing strategies and other systems.

Naturally Plus Developments

In March 1999 Naturally Plus Co.., Ltd.. Japan stands

Naturally Plus 2004 Japan obtained the certificate of ISO9001, the international quality management certification and was awarded “The First National Gold Award of Consumer Brand” in Taiwan and in October the company’s capital increased from 80 trillion yen to 480 trillion yen.

In 2005 the company declared Naturally Plus “Next 100 Years Planning” to the public and its members throughout the country. Naturally Plus and selected as one of the first ten as a “Competent Enterprises in Japan in the 21st Century” by one well-known magazine and an official from Japan’s “Economic Industries”.

Next peruasahaan Naturally Plus magazine selected by Japan as a holder of Special Report ranking 4th out of 100,000 companies who contribute within Japan’s economic recovery and in the same year the company became a member of Naturally Plus “NNFA JAPAN (The National Nutritional Food Association of Japan)”

Naturally Plus Company in 2006 Taiwan became a member of the executive board of the Consumer Association of Taiwan and Naturally Plus get a gift as “The First Brand” by the Consumers Association of Taiwan from the Taiwan government and Naturally Plus a TOP 5 of the 3600 MLM companies in Japan.

In 2007 peruasaahn Naturally Plus was selected as the “2006 Ten Best Health Product with the Most Brand Competence in Asia-Pacific” by The 3rd Summit of the Direct Selling Personnel. So Naturally Plus awarded as “The 1st Disabled craftmen and Exhibition of Public Benefit and Golden Globe Award for National Quality” of the State of Taiwan.

In March 2007 Naturally Plus opened its representative in Hong Kong, hereinafter

In November 2008 Naturally Plus opened in Singapore and next year in December 2009 Naturally Plus opened in Malaysia.

In 2010 the company was awarded Taiwan Naturally Plus “2009 Fastest Growing Direct Selling Companies” by The 6th ASIAN-PACIFIC DIRECT SELLING.

After Malaysia, the company opened its branch office in Jakarta Indonesia as a country to Seven (7) on June 16th, 2011 ago.

INCREDIBLE … .. Just in the 12 years Naturally Plus managed to prove itself as a large enterprise-level Toyota and Sony. And provide business opportunities for anyone who wants to live a healthy abundance of Naturally Plus Company and this is a golden opportunity in Indonesia since the year 2011 this new office opening in Jakarta Naturally Plus.

Only with Rp. 1.6 million you could be earning up to Hundreds of Millions Even Tens of Billions per month with the ownership of shares of one corporate giant from Japan. And Business Opportunity is very wide open for us who live in Indonesia, anyone can definitely get this golden opportunity.

IMMEDIATELY … . Sign up now HERE to get the best position before you join our decision preceded others.

Or contact us to meet our office directly, Thank you.

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Naturally Plus is a Popular Business in Asia


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